Juice Cleanses Essex

Love2juice makes cold pressed juice cleanses and juice detoxes in Essex. Cold pressed juice cleanses our body, removing toxins, reducing inflammation, nourishing, replenishing and healing. By eating a plant-based diet, your body will literally explode with vibrancy energy and well-being.

At love2juice we have created special cleanse packages which include 3-5 days worth of juices, specifically chosen to compliment each other and give you that certain boost you need.


Juice Cleanse Essex, Go Green

Go Green

1x Get Lemon, 2x Alkaline Green, 2x Dr Green, 1x Minted
Juice Detox Essex, I Am Glowing

I Am Glowing

1x Hot Chia, 2x The Beet is Sweet, 2x Buzzin, 1x The Nuts

Please Note: Although our juices do not contain nuts, we do a nut milk which does, so there may be traces of nut within our kitchen where our juices are prepared.

Our juice cleanses come in 500ml bottles (except for Get Lemon, The Nuts and Hot Chia which are 250ml).

How do I Get A Cleanse from love2juice?

1. Choose A Cleanse

Choose a cleanse from the different options above and decide whether you want to go for a 3 or 5 day cleanse (we also offer a 1 day cleanse, or “Daytox”!).

2. Call or Visit

Call or come visit us to book your cleanse and have your pre-cleanse consultation.

4. Enjoy!

Your cleanse/juices will be available for collection from Love2Juice at Cr@te on your selected date between 8am and 10am.

What Will Happen on My Cleanse?


It’s important that you ease yourself into your cleanse gently. For this reason, we ask you to be mindful about what you’re putting into your body a day or two before you begin. We recommend cutting down on stimulants and refined and processed foods. Replace caffeinated drinks with herbal teas.

Remember, this cleanse is a gift to your body, so roll out the welcome mat and embrace the experience.


Whether you’ve undertaken a cleanse before or are new to the experience, count on us to support you throughout the process.

We’ll provide you with full cleansing instructions before you get started, but if anything’s unclear or you simply need some encouragement to keep you on track, we’re here for you, so keep in touch. Communication is key to your success.


Your body has been through a detoxification process during your cleanse. You look amazing! Well done! You must be feeling incredible!

When you start to incorporate foods back into your diet we urge you to be mindful about your choices. Simple changes like chewing your food properly can make a huge difference to your gut health. Try to eliminate foods which are not helpful to your body. A cleanse is a perfect way to start a detoxifying and elimination process to get a sense of which foods agree with your own body, which foods make you feel good, which foods make you feel energised and enable you to thrive, and, in turn, which foods are really not beneficial to your wellbeing and overall health.

We are all individuals so it’s important to remember that what works for somebody else may not work for you. Call us! We are here for your ongoing support and would love to hear from you. Make regular cleansing an integral part of your life! Juice keeps us clean!

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*All juices must be consumed within 72 hours.

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